Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Chloe - Surfolk

Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Chloe

Photographer: @photoswithchlo

Local break: Kirra Beach/ Rainbow Bay

1. What got you into film photography? 

I got into film photography about 4 years ago when I went to the ‘old and gold’ markets in Brunswick. I got chatting to an older man and he drilled into me his passion and love for the older look on photos. I got super inspired and wanted to create my own version of that. Ever since then, I take all three of my cameras every where I go and I haven’t looked back!


Film Shots:

Roll 8. Shot 1. Crescent Head Dreaming


Roll 8. Shot 2. Double Trouble


Roll 8. Shot 3. Beach Posse


Roll 8. Shot 4. Gypsy light.


Roll 8. Shot 5. Sunkissed.


Roll 8. Shot 6. Cruising up the coast.


Roll 8. Shot 7. Exploring the beauty of the Byron coast.


Roll 6. Shot 8. First lights rays.

Roll 8. Shot 9. Why would you ever go left at Rainbow Bay?

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