Our Story

Surfolk is an expression of creativity and art through sustainable fashion, film photography & surfing. Our inspiration comes from the melting pot of surf culture where all different folk come together under a shared love of the ocean and the coastal way of life. 

We have a growing community of folk who embrace sustainable & slow coastal living. We live life against the grain and dream of life outside of societies conventional ideas of hurry & hustle. We believe that life is best lived in meaningful relationships within community. 

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Surfolk began in 2021, born out of the surfing city of Newcastle on the East Coast of Australia. I guess you could say Surfolk was our against the grain moment where we dreamt of life outside of societies conventional ideas of work. And so, in the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns in Australia, we began creating the brand and found a community of folk that shared our desire to express the things we love most ~ the coast, surfing, film photography, caring for our earth & living in community. 

Since then, our Surfolk community has grown into a creative space for people to celebrate life, share stories through film, meet people & see places that inspire them. We hope that you feel welcomed by this community and that you too have found your folk.

~ Dave & Jazz ~