Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Jamee - Surfolk

Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Jamee

Photographer: @jamee.stewart

Local break: Perth/Fremantle

1. What got you into film photography? 

Film started for me when i was 14 and my friends and i would run around snapping away on our disposables creating fun little images. In 2020 i was reminiscing hard on the good old days, flicking through albums with all my prints and thought about how fun and simple shooting film was and the excitement you’d get from getting a roll back so i jumped on to good old youtube did a lotttta research found the perfect manual cam for me and dove into teaching myself how to shoot, it’s something about the simplicity of film that draws me in, the slow process of making sure that’s exactly want to capture and the fact that you can capture more authentic candid moments

2. What comes to mind when you hear Surfolk?

 When I think of Surfolk I think of community, a space for like minded individuals to cross paths and inspire each other. 

3. Have you had any #againsthegrain moments?

 I think my whole life has been a little against the grain, I always knew study wasn’t for me, I also always knew i didn’t want to work for the next 40 years but in particular I’ve gone against the grain in a number of jobs now where it seems like the right thing to be doing and maybe the money and security was better for me but I’ve spontaneously quit purely because it didn’t bring me happiness and joy

Film Shots:

Roll 4. Shot 1. The  Girls are on.


Roll 8. Shot 2. Lay-Days Haze


Roll 8. Shot 3. Freedom is a state of mind.


Roll 8. Shot 4. Wandering minds.


Roll 8. Shot 5. Golden scenes.


Roll 8. Shot 6. West Coast Swell.


Roll 8. Shot 7. Nothing a bit of saltwater can't fix.


Roll 6. Shot 8. Sunny days and the piece to match


Roll 8. Shot 9. Against the grain.

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