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  • Step One: Shoot It

    The processing times for film will depend on the specific film lab you choose. On average, it typically takes about 1-3 business days to receive your photos.

  • Step Two: Develop It

    Your local processing labs can develop your grainy film shots for you as physical prints to really embrace the good ol' days of analog, or as digital scans, emailed to your phone to really mix the old with the new. Simply request to have your photos 'developed & scanned'.

  • Step Three: Share It

    Done... It's that easy! Receive your nostalgic shots, ready to share with your friends.

    If you want your grainy frames to be featured on our Surfolk socials, make sure to tag us or add us as a collaborator @surfolkau.

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Vintage is Back

Film's Not Dead

A film wave is here... Join a movement of film enthusiasts inspired by the lost art of film photography. We're a community of coastal folks embracing the intentional and slowed approach to life that film offers.

Discover the lost art of film photography

Relive the good old days

It's out with the new, and in with the old as we embrace the nostalgia and relive "the good old days". Embrace the imperfections, the raw and real and evoke the nostalgia of film as you capture what inspires you.

Capture Real Moments

As digital technologies advance, film photography remains a unique way to authentically capture and create real moments. Start your creative journey and begin storytelling on your reusable film camera today!