Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Kdawg - Surfolk

Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Kdawg

Photographer: @kdawg_photography

Local break: Kirra Beach 

Film Shots:

Roll 8. Shot 1.  Calin's kinda morning on the tools


Roll 8. Shot 2. Sun seekers and wave chasers


Roll 8. Shot 3. Always looking through foam-covered glasses.

Roll 8. Shot 4. It's an art, not a science.

Roll 8. Shot 5. Some single-fin fun.

Roll 8. Shot 6. The slidequeen herself featuring the only long jane you'll need.

Roll 8. Shot 7. Exploring the beauty of the Byron coast.

Roll 6. Shot 8. First lights rays.

Roll 8. Shot 9. Why would you ever go left at Rainbow Bay?

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