Girl riding white wash surfing

Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Max Correa

Photographer: @maxx.w.correa

Local break: Wander Beach

1. What got you into film photography? 

I got into film because when I joined the navy I always wanted an authentic way to document my life at sea. I want that classic shoebox of photos. But with time, I just got obsessed with the whole process. You really need to take your time with each shot.

2. What comes to mind when you hear Surfolk?

When I hear Surfolk, well I think of life by the sea. It reminds me of being a young grom growing up by the ocean. The freedom of not being surrounded and caved in by buildings and breathing in the fresh air from the ocean thats travelled hundreds of miles to reach our shores.

3. Have you had any #againsthegrain moments?

My ultimate #agaisntthegrain moment, would have to be back in 2020 when Fiji was hit with its worst cyclone. With 24hrs notice 3 days before Christmas we packed and deployed for 2 month to help rebuild villages and schools that were torn apart. Seeing people drinking only coconut water for 2 weeks because the cyclone destroyed their fresh water supply. It opened my eyes to how precious life really is, and how good we have it. 

Film Shots:

Roll 7. Shot 1. Feeling alive on sunshine & saltwater

Girl standing up in white wash surfing towards the shore

Roll 7. Shot 2. Sunday night pondering

Surf board with four fins, quad fin setup

Roll 7. Shot 3. Ride the high ~ one wave at a time

Guy standing on beach beside surfboard, pulling his wetsuit over his head

Roll 7. Shot 4. Stoked to be soaked 

Young guy holding surfboard near the water fixing his hair

Roll 7. Shot 5. The ocean calls us home 

Van parked on a beach set up for camping

Roll 7. Shot 6. Something you'll never regret.. getting up early with the birds and following the oceans call to surf its ebbs and flows

Guy riding a short board surfing a wave

Roll 7. Shot 7. Real moments ~ Real people

Young girl floating on surfboard smiling

Roll 7. Shot 8. ocean dwellers & coastal nomads. These are our folk.

Group of surfers carrying surfboards along the shoreline

Roll 7. Shot 9. Reliving every wave

Guy in wetsuit holder board up after a surf

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