Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Calin - Surfolk

Folk on Film x Against the Grain ~ Calin

Photographer: @calinshootsfilm

Local break: Rainbow Bay

1. What got you into film photography? 

I really enjoy the slowed down approach towards the art. It really makes me think about what I want to capture, especially in the surf. Every frame on film is precious, I wait for the really good moments instead of sitting there with my finger on trigger taking thousands of photos.

I also love the challenge! I find digital photography too easy, cameras are so advanced these days that it took the fun out of photography for me. Little mistakes like missing a shot or something slightly out of focus makes me improve more each time, I feel digital takes all of that away. Film is still so raw and I love that!"

2. What comes to mind when you hear Surfolk?

Surfolk to me is a lifestyle and community bringing likeminded people together to create and enjoy similar interests.


Film Shots:

Roll 6. Shot 1.  On cloud nine in the sunshine.


Roll 6. Shot 2. Riding the shadows.

Roll 6. Shot 3. Following the fins.

Roll 6. Shot 4. Psyched 

Roll 6. Shot 5. Kirra is calling.

Roll 6. Shot 6. The search is on.

Roll 6. Shot 7. Too much of a good thing, can be great.

Roll 6. Shot 8. Chequered in the line up

Roll 7. Shot 9. Life's too short to put your foot on the breaks.

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