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Reusable Film Camera

Reusable Film Camera

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The film wave is here, film's not dead & vintage is back.

Join our community of coastal folks reliving the good old days of film photography.

Capture & create authentic memories with our Vintage Reusable Film Camera. Our reusable camera is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use disposable film cameras that only end up in landfill. Our reusable film cameras will last all summer long and for years to come as you discover the lost art of film photography.

The perfect companion for road trips, weekend nightlife, lazy beach days and everything in-between. 'The Vintage' reusable film camera will slow you down, so you can live in the moment and leave your phone at home.

Give your social media feed a nostalgic touch and vintage vibe when you send your film roll to one of our recommended film labs who can print your shots or just send the digital scans. 

With a simple design, our cameras are made for film beginners and enthusiasts alike. Just load, shoot and repeat - it's that easy.


  • Built-in flash
  • Reloadable with any 35mm film
  • Leather wrist strap included
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • carbon-neutral delivery


  •  Lens 31mm f/9
  •  Focus 1m to ∞
  •  Shutter speed 1/120S Power Source: 1x AA battery for flash (not included)
  •  Size: 119mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 44mm (D) 
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