Collection: Folk on Film Cameras

Folk on Film Cameras

Made to Last

The lost art of storytelling is rediscovered through film photography. We are inspired by film photography, for its ability to slow us down & capture authentic moments. The 'folk on film' reusable film camera offers a nostalgic trip back to the good ol' days of capturing moments and preserving memories. Looking to reignite or discover a love for film? Then the Folk on Film Camera is all you need to get started on your film journey!

Folk on Film Cameras

Preserve The Planet

The nostalgia of film is back with our collection of reusable film cameras. Made to last a couple of laps around the sun, reusable film cameras are reloadable with any 35mm film. Unlike 'disposable’ cameras that contributes to landfill, your Folk on Film Camera can be reloaded roll after roll. Let's preserve our planet by ditching disposable and reaching for reusable.